Rope-Way Riding in Manali

The ropeway ride in Manali can be enjoyed in Solang, just 12 kms from Manali, towards north. You can feast your eyes with breath-taking and enchanting sights of nature that will remain in your heart and soul forever. You will get to see almost the entire of Manali proudly smiling at you holding nature's finest of treasures. The Vyas River, from top looks like a stream of potion pouring from heaven, full of life that nurtures this land with utmost love and blessings. The snow-peaked mountains seem to be closer and closer as you go flying towards them. Rope-way riding is very popular in this area as Manali holidays are considered to be incomplete. You can actually see the Nature and its bounty, flying along with breeze that takes you to this amazing world of beauty.

The smooth ride in a cozy cabin sure, will give you a pleasure experience with your loved ones. 
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