Hot-Air Balloon Riding in Kullu-Manali

This fun flight can be enjoyed a lot, especially by the kids who go crazy looking at such a big balloon taking them for an amazing ride. The ride is also popular among honeymooners who wish to enjoy priceless moments of their own, being just two of them on a carefree trip to the skies that gives them a feeling of being in heaven. The excitement mounts being a n ail-biting experience for some and ultimate fun for others. 

Hot-air balloon riding in Manali is arranged keeping in consideration that the site is an open place and the ride is safe and enjoyable. The weather conditions are first taken into account, the direction of winds is seen and then if everything seems to be fine, the ride is arranged by professional groups. To avoid any kind of accident, emergency or casualties, the service providers discontinue providing these services. For most of the people, the ride is a complete adventure activity as their excitement mounts as they go up, up and up in the air!
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