Things to Do in Manali

Manali is one happening place where you have so much exciting to do that you won't be ever satisfied with just one Manali trip during the season. Apart from adventure activities in Manali like river-rafting, mountaineering, skiing, trekking you can also indulge into having some real fun moments like going for rope-way riding, picnicking and camping with family and friends. These days snow scooter-riding in Manali has also become very popular among tourists. So, be it taking a rejuvenation dip in Vashishth Bath or leisuring around while on nature walk, or even experiencing thrill through a range of adventure sports in Manali, opting for Manali tour sure is the right choice for Manali is an awesome tourist destination for tourists of all age-groups!

Snow-Scooter Riding in Manali

Watching at nature‚Äôs loveliest of jewels while riding in your snow-scooter in the snow can be too much fun to remember. Apart from snow boards, Snow-scooter these days, has become a very popular snow vehicle ideal for leisure time in Manali. The ride had been introduced not long ago though but gained instant popularity. The vehicle attracts almost everyone as they feel like enjoying the joy ride again and again. 

Riding on them is well suited for long as well as short rides. You can either hire a professional driver or can drive on your own with your dear one. 
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