Manu Temple, Manali

Located 3 kms away from the main market place in old Manali, the famous temple is dedicated to the sage Manu, considered to be the creator of entire Hindu race, in Hindu mythology. The temple is the only one in the whole world and quite an ancient one. It is made of Deodar wood, beautifully crafted and the flooring is done with high quality marble. The region is known to be his dwelling place where he did meditation. The temple in Manali is frequented a lot by many tourists round the year, since time immemorial.

The temple is located in a quiet area amidst the greens and stones, you will be required to traverse through the path that slippery stone paths to reach there. It is made of wood which is beautifully crafted at some points. The flooring is done by high-quality marble. In Hindu mythology, Manu, the Sage is known to be the creator of entire mankind. No other temple dedicated to Manu, the Sage can be found anywhere in the world. The temple therefore, holds tremendous importance for people, especially the local ones and they frequent the temple quite often to perform puja and other rituals.
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