Manikaran, Manali

Manikaran in Manali, the popular tourist pilgrimage hub, located in the Parvati Valley near Manali stands at an altitude of 1760 m and is located about 45 km from Kullu. The petty village has a number of temples of Lord, Rama, Krishna and Lord Vishnu, and a big Gurudwara. The place is has got huge attention for hot springs emerging from the river waters in the area. 

Legend has it that Parvatiji accidentally dropped her ear-ring in the area while she was through there with husband Lord Shiva. The jewel was galloped by Shesha, the serpent who disappeared from there after that. Lord Shiva got angry with this and performed Tandav, Shesha had no option but surrender the jewel to the Lord but in a strange manner. The jewel shooted up from the water. Since then, the place has been names as Manikaran meaning 'Jewel of the ear'. 

The hot, sulphur springs emerging from the waters are said to be having medicinal or curing qualities. This led to instant popularity of the place. Every year, people visit the place to benefit from these waters.
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